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A family death can often be a great shock and relatives are faced with making many decisions regarding funeral arrangements in addition to other practical matters which, of necessity, require immediate attention.

Our aim is to provide an excellent range of services and facilities which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. You may wish to deal with all the practical matters of arranging the funeral by visiting one of our offices or you may wish to meet one of our consultants in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively, we can make arrangements for you on the telephone or virtually online. We have professional specialists in all practical aspects of funeral arrangements including floristry and monumental masonry and we are happy to put you in touch with the local bereavement support organisations which provide excellent help at a distressing time. 

Local Direct Cremation- We can provide a dignified private unattended cremation using only local facilities. Please see page 36 of our full brochure for further details and pricing.

We are able to cope with all your requirements for floral tributes whether they be simple posies, full length coffin sprays, wreaths, crosses or special designs you may wish to commission. All flowers are purchased direct from market and we are able to advise what flowers are currently in season or which may be obtained by special arrangement.

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Our printing service can provide a full range of memorial stationery including order of service sheets, acknowledgement cards and any other stationery requirements.
Many bereaved families wish to restrict flowers to the immediate family only but invite donations in favour of a nominated charity. Part of our service is to receive and collate all such donations, forward them to the charity concerned and provide you with a list of the donors and the total amount collected. Any letters or cards received with the donations are also forwarded to you. Donations may also be given online via our website.

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We have considerable family history, experience and expertise in making repatriation arrangements both to and from all parts of the world. We are able to advise on the complex regulations and documentation that may be required.
Sometimes a family will wish to arrange an exhumation from a cemetery or churchyard for re-interment elsewhere. All of the detailed arrangements may be left to us with complete confidence.
Private Chapels of Rest
We have Private Chapels of Rest at our offices where relatives and friends may come to view in complete privacy and for the length of time they feel is necessary. Viewing times are as flexible as possible and times outside normal office hours can be arranged if needed.
Our fleet of six-seater black Jaguar limousines is at your disposal. There are several different modes of transport available, please look at our full brochure for examples.
You may wish the funeral to start in traditional cortege from your home address or for the hearse to proceed direct to the Church, Cemetery or Crematorium. Whatever you choose, our staff will be pleased to arrange and advise on timings. Wheelchairs can be provided for disabled mourners and our chauffeurs will give every assistance required throughout the funeral ceremony.
Press Announcements
You may wish to place a notice in either a national or local newspaper. We will be pleased to assist in compiling a suitable text and ensure details are passed to the papers for publication.
A comprehensive selection of Memorials is available and we will be pleased to discuss with you the choices of materials and lettering styles that may be used. We can advise on the various regulations that may apply to the particular Cemetery or churchyard chosen. If an existing grave has a memorial stone, we will make arrangements for this to be removed from the grave for the interment. We will be pleased to estimate for the addition of a further inscription and, where necessary, for cleaning and renovation.