Arnold Funeral Service - Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral is divided into two sections.

Firstly the costs of all the services provided by us, the funeral director, and secondly the disbursements. These are fees which we pay on your behalf and would include, for example, cemetery or crematorium charges, the fees payable to the officiant, church, doctors, press announcements etc.

Confirmation and Estimate

Once you have decided on the type of funeral you wish to organise, we will provide a written confirmation of the arrangements and an estimate of the overall costs.

This is in accordance with the Code of Practice agreed between the Office of Fair Trading and the National Association of Funeral Directors of which we are a member firm. The account for the funeral will normally be forwarded to you or your nominated solicitor approximately one week after the completion of the funeral.

Assistance in Meeting Funeral Costs

In certain circumstances the person making the funeral arrangements may be eligible for assistance in meeting funeral expenses in the form of a grant or loan from the Department of Social Security. Eligibility for such a grant or loan will be dependant on your personal circumstances or those of the deceased person, but we will be pleased to advise you further or put you in touch with the appropriate DSS office.

Arnold Funeral Services Limited is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors