Arnold Funeral Service - Registering a Death

A death should be registered in the district in which it has occurred and wherever possible it should be done by a near relative or an executor.

In cases where distance presents a problem (for example a death in Liverpool with next of kin in High Wycombe) special arrangements can be made with the local Registrar, although this may cause a delay before essential documentation for the funeral is available.

The Registrar will require the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death issued by the treating doctor (either the G.P. or Hospital Doctor) together with the deceased's Medical Card (if this is readily available).

The Registrar will issue a Green Certificate, which should be given to us at the earliest opportunity.

The Registrar will also issue a White Certificate of Registration which may be required if claiming any Social Security benefits when they apply.

You may also request Certified Copies of the Entry of Death, which will be needed for legal purposes. Such copies will be required for Life Assurance, Probate, Banks, Savings Certificates, Premium Bonds, company shares and other financial interests, although they may not all need to keep a copy.

Details of Registration Offices, and hours they are open, are available from our offices. An appointment should be made by telephone with the Registrar before your arrival.

Local registration offices are:

High Wycombe

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